As the 2017 season opens around the corner I would like to take the time to welcome back the members who make working at Leaside Tennis Club such an enjoyable and worthwhile experience. Also, the coaching team look forward to meeting the new members of the club and helping them get involved in club coaching programs. Our team coaching team goals are to provide a range of quality programs and lessons for all who wish to learn, improve, and achieve their goals.

Last season the members who participated in lessons gave some valuable and important feedback and it will be used to further improve the programs this season. The response in relation to the satisfaction of the programs provided by the coaching team was very positive and the coaching team will look to maintain a high standard of quality for each program.

Lastly, if you have not tried a spring clinic it is an excellent time sign up if you want to hit a lot of balls. Players typically find they improve their timing, feel, fitness, consistency, and meet partners to play with outside of classes. If you have any questions please do not hesitate in sending an email in order to help you with your coaching needs.

Before I end off, I will leave a tip for those who are interested in improving their timing. Ever wonder why players on tv grunt? The breath is an interesting part of timing and many club players breath irregularly or aren’t even aware of when they exhale, leading to tight muscle movement patterns and mistimed or off centre impacts. Rhythm is influenced a lot on our body and making sure we breath is so important to staying calm in the point.

In order to improve timing we need to first centre the ball and have a consistent swing path. You can learn to relax the muscles by exhaling smoothly and fluidly from the back of the swing to the front of the swing which is essentially the hitting zone. As you swing the racquet forward to hit the ball, exhale smoothly and with emphasis on hearing yourself breathing out. With this new focus on exhaling you should feel that your timing improves and it feels much “smoother” as you hit. It does take practice and commitment but if you start to relax using the breath and exhaling smoothly it should help improve timing and hit the ball with effortless velocity.


Ryan Chow and the coaching team