All members and non-members must abide by the club rules

Abuse and Harassment Policy

Please note that Leaside Tennis Club has adopted the Ontario Tennis Association’s Abuse and Harrassment Policy. All members are encouraged to become familiar with this policy and govern themselves accordingly.

Violation of these rules will be brought before the Board of Directors for appropriate action and may result in membership suspension or cancellation.


  1. Non-marking tennis shoes must be worn to preserve the court surface.
  2. Appropriate attire, including shirts, is mandatory.
Courtesy is expected of each member and non-member, at the club and when representing the club at another club. On the court, this includes:
  1. Loud, abusive, or profane language and abuse of a racquet or a ball, are not permitted.
  2. Smoking, canned beverages, and food are prohibited on the courts.
  3. No more than 3 balls are allowed on a court at a time, except for courts 1 & 2 when being used for clinics or by a Club tennis professional.
  4. To cross behind a court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court.
  5. To secure your ball from another court, wait for a stoppage in play on that court to retrieve or to request it.
  6. If in doubt about a line call on your court, play it as “in”.
  7. Other than first serve, if you see your ball is clearly out, call it out.
  8. Indicate an “out” ball with an index finger pointing up, and an “in” ball with a horizontal palm.
  9. An “out” or “let” call must be made immediately.
  10. If you call a ball out and then realize it was good, correct your call immediately.
  11. You are expected to call double bounces and touching of the net, etc., against yourself.

Court Booking

  1. Only a Club Supervisor may reserve courts.
  2. Names on the play-board must exactly correspond to the court playing arrangement.
  3. Court booking must be done in person at the Clubhouse. Members must stay on the premises or will forfeit the court if at least one member of the booking is not at the Club. A member who is participating in club activities, including regular court bookings, lessons, round robins, etc. may not book a court until after leaving the court following said activity.
  4. By 5 minutes to court time, there must be at least two for a court to avoid forfeiture.
  5. On occasion, special events reported in the calendar of activities, may pre-empt bookings. The Club Supervisor will run the play-board from the players’  listed on the “waiting section” so that members may be allocated courts as they become available, in the order of games arranged (from the “waiting section”).
  6. The club clock governs court time.
  7. If a booked court becomes available up to 15 minutes before the booked time, play may begin.
  8. Shoe tags must be displayed to exercise membership booking and playing privileges.
  9. Lessons may be booked on courts 1 & 2 from 5–7 pm and court 2 after 7 pm (except on League nights).
  10. Members cannot book a court immediately before participating in any club activity (i.e. Team matches, Clinics, House League, Round Robins, Lessons, Socials, Tournaments, etc.) if other club members are waiting. Members may request a booking after activity if there are courts available.
  11. Please use courtesy when booking a subsequent court if you have already played for 60 minutes so that all members have equal opportunity to use the courts.
  12. LTC members take precedence over non-members at all times except in public hours.
  13. Non-members may not book courts but they may use a vacant court. However, they must vacate the court immediately when requested by an LTC member if all other courts are occupied.

Junior Hours
Monday thru Friday before 6pm
Saturday from 7am to 12 noon and 3pm to 7pm
Sunday from 3pm to 10pm
Otherwise, only with an adult member.

Ball Machine

  1. You must read and understand the Operations Manual before being permitted to use the Ball Machine. The Manual must remain on the Club premises at all times.
  2. Junior members may not use the Ball Machine except under the supervision of an adult member who is “qualified” as above. (It is not permissible to bring over a parent or other adult who is not a member to use the machine.
  3. The remote for the Ball Machine will only be given out to the member using the machine if a set of car keys, wallet etc. is left as a deposit to guarantee the remotes return.
  4. The ball machine will be signed out through the Court Supervisor to whom payment must be made at time of use.
  5. The Ball Machine will only be available to members when a Court Supervisor is on duty.
  6. Any damage to the machine beyond normal wear and tear will be the responsibility of the member(s) using the machine when such damage was incurred.
  7. Only the special pressure-less balls shall be used in the machine. Make sure you retrieve them all at the end of the session!
  8. The Ball Machine is restricted to Courts 1 or 2 when in use by individual members.

Private Lessons

  1. Members may take private lessons with a club tennis professional.
  2. Lessons last 40 minutes and the Court Supervisor must be advised 24 hours in advance so that a court may be reserved.
  3. During prime time only one court may be used for private lessons and no lessons are allowed on nights that house league or team matches take place.